Sunday, May 8, 2011

At Last!!!

Ok... At last! Nakapag-blog din.  Kasi naman I was just so busy with other stuff (translation: tinatamad mag-blog). Anyway, I just want to get in touch with my bloggie friends once again and, you know, just to update my very few readers of what I've been up to.
Anyhoo, I gained ten pounds in less than a month, I had a chance to practice my photography skills (my friend's son's 1st b-day and fun photoshoot ng kung ano anong occasions sometimes kahit walang occasion nagshushoot), bi-weekly eat-outs (reason for weight-gain) and activities at church. Yun lang naman.
Tapos, yesterday, my good friend Ian allowed me to "gatecrash" their family lunch at Melo's Alabang. I thought the invitation was hindi na tuloy due to some circumstances, but his brother called him up and told us that we shall proceed to Melo's na. But then, we already had lunch at home so hindi rin kami masyado nakakain ng steak (grade 7 Wagyu & Rib-eye). Well, to start with, I don't eat steak din naman... Uhmm, I eat steak but I'm not fond of it. I'm more veggie and fish person. Sayang, di ko tuloy mabigyan ng reviews ang Melo's but I tasted a teenie weenie bit of the steak and it was good :) Anyway, we still enjoyed our second lunch especially Miggy (Ian's nephew) was there to sort of give us entertainment. Teehee! :) Siya ang star of our afternoon :) Too bad though, yesterday was the first time I met Miggy and it would take maybe a year or two before I see him again. They already left for the States this morning. Awww... Sad.
Anyway, here are some of my favorite photos for the day...
Miggy... cutest! :)

Miggy & his wowa (the celebrator)

So I guess I'm the odd one here...??? :D

4 Thoughts:

- A n g e l - said...

Aaah yessss? Yun lang ang kwento??? :P

- A n g e l - said...

At tama ba ang nabasa ko? 22 pounds??? INTENSE! HAHAHAHA!

- A n n - said...

kumustahin natin ang weight mo avshigor! hinay hinay lang my "good friend" hehehehe!

Avee said...

@Bestie: ay 10 lbs lang pala bes. ang nasa isip ko eh 122 lbs yung weight ko kaya nalagay ko "i gained 22 lbs" ayan nipalitan ko na hehehehe... oo yun lang ang kwento. :D :P