Saturday, January 24, 2009

Big 3-0!

My bestie and I just celebrated our Big 3-0 last Thursday and it was a blast! Good food (Thanks to Pink Pepper!), nice music with our closest family and friends. I enjoyed every bit of the hour we spent during dinner, kwentuhan with our friends. Although some did not show up to the party (after confirming their attendance), which made me really, really tampo, I still am happy kasi these people na umattend ay talagang E for Effort. Some had to file VLs, some still have their shifts either during our party or early the next day, some had to travel pa ng malayo just to celebrate with us...

With Bestie (in our Aldo... hehe... Thanks Haror!)

Verleth and Dee, who sneaked out of Teletech just to attend the party, Thank you baklitas! Miss you na... Kate, who still has work early the next day and Arlene, who risked filing her VL just to celebrate with me, Thank you both! Love you girls!

To Sugar, who went all the way from Pampanga (and still has shift the next day), Thank you so much for spending your time with us!Gijsen Marnix, Thank you for being present always... Love you guys!
Achie, I was really surprised you showed up even if you're under the influence of BioFlu, hehehe... Thank you becky! Love you!
Thank you Kuya Allan and Laine, who tried their best to celebrate with us despite of... :-)
Donn, the only one who attended the party among my 3 brothers... Thanks much! Love you!
And to the giver of the most unique gift of the night... Thank you so much for celebrating with us! I really appreciate it! And yung photo frame... E for Effort! Thank you so much, Josh!
To everyone present... Mama and Papa, Artie, Bimbo, Tita Malu, Tito Ray, and our very special guest Adrian... Thank you so much for making our night! See more of our photos here.

Friday, January 16, 2009

My Aldo!

I got this very nice Brown Aldo wedge sandals from Zhari and it's really, really nice! Kaya lang... Kamustahin natin yung bunion ko di ba... So bale no, ang height ko ay 5'3, when I wore the shoes naging 5'7 ang height ko... Hehehe... Pero isusuot ko pa rin sya sa Big 3-0 party namin ni Angel!!! Deadma na sa sakit ng paa! :-) Thanks Haror!!! :-) Mwah!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!!!

It's my big 3-0 today and I don't feel like I'm 30... Sabi nga ng elder namin sa church, "30 is just a number". For me, it really is... Pero syempre, di ko rin maiwasan mag-isip ng ganito "30 na ko, and then what now?". Asan ako ngayon? Ok naman ang career ko, Zero ang lovelife pero happy... Generally speaking, I'm happy with where I am and what I have right now. It's a great thing I still have my job and my position. I still have my friends and nadagdagan pa nga kasi dumami yung nag-greet sa kin this year (sa text pa lang yon, wala pa yung email and personal greetings). Every year, since I had my own mobile phone, I saved birthday greetings from friends. Last year, I got 45 birthday texts tapos this year, I got 62!!! Yebah! :)
What did I do to celebrate my birthday... 1) Lunch-out with mom (@ Red Ribbon, had Salisbury Steak and Tiramisu); we're supposed to wake up early and do some jogging but Josh called in the wee hours of the morning and we talked until sunrise so mejo hindi ako pwede mag-jogging ng puyat, 2)Went to the salon, had my pedicure and brow-threading, 3)Went to the Internet shop to check my Facebook and blog (I got birthday blogreetings from my bestie and my "sister" Ü), 4) Had a good massage for an hour and a half (FOR FREE! Coz it's my birthday) courtesy of my suki Massage to Go; and 5) Went to church to attend the worship service and asked for a prayer from our pastor.

After the Masahe (in my cotton Kimono courtesy of Joshua)
After Church Service with Churchmates and our Church Minister
If one would assess, kinda boring ang aking celebration, but it's not! Na-enjoy ko ang masahe at pagpapamper ng sarili... And it's ok lang coz I still have 2 more birthday celebrations that I'm looking forward to (double celebrations nga lang)--January 17 (with my office friend Aileen) and January 22 (with my bestie). Happy Birthday to Me!!! :)
See more of my birthday pics here.