Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Liberating Saturday!

Last Saturday, my friends, Shawie and Keat invited me for a movie date.  We were debating on what to watch since there were a lot of nicey movies showing this week.  I like Yogi Bear, Keat likes Love and Other Drugs and Shawie likes Season of the Witch.  Shawie doesn't like Yogi Bear, Keat likes anything that we would like.  We agreed on Love and Other Drugs and we chose the second to the last screening.  We arrived at the movie house forty-five minutes before the screening time but we're not just so lucky because the tickets were sold out for that screening.  We didn't want to get the tix for the last screening but we still want to watch a movie.  The only flick that was within our "allowable time slot" was Yogi Bear... Now, I'm lucky! Haha! 
So what can I say about Yogi Bear... I enjoyed the movie (and my Margarita wrap) so much!  Aside from the fact that it was my favorite Hanna-Barbera cartoon, the movie was in full 3D!  I love 3D!  I love how the water seemed to splash on my face or how Yogi's picnic food float in the air as if I can touch those... 3D rocks!  After the movie, we settled for coffee at McCafe.  I also had a sugar boost with their Rocky Road Brownie, yum!
And why was my Saturday so liberating?  Because, after the movie then I realized this was the first time in three months that I went out with friends on a Saturday night.  I felt like I was set free after so many years of confinement!  Even if it was just a movie/coffee date, I felt happy and good just being able to go out with friends!