Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why you're the coolest...

  • you're now a teacher without the teaching units :)

  • you're the most madiskarte and maabilidad person I know... aside from Papa and Mama of course ;)

  • your TL can't terminate you even if you're BS-ing sa calls already... kasi crush ka nya so nilipat ka sa recruitment :-D JOKE!

  • you're a dancer, a singer and an entrepreneuring rat :-D
  • you're claiming that you're Jericho Rosales and Mark Herras look-alike and in fairview, may resemblance naman kahit konti :-D
  • you were a "model" once and having a photo with Madam Auring was an achievement (this is Beloy's secret... hehe)
  • you've finished the Karting clinic and made your best time ;)

  • you were at the Shanghai F1 Grand Prix (inggit ako!)

  • you bought Ate an P800-worth of jeans when you're still in high school (up to now I'm still wondering where you got all your money to buy me stuff like that?!)
  • you were able to bola the Chinese Embassy officer to give you a Tourist Visa by telling her that you're going to propose marriage to Bobsy at the Great Wall :-D
  • you were a magtataho vendor in GMA 7's Love to Love Kissing Beauty Episode (with Angel Locsin) and a bad boy in ABS-CBN's Basta't Kasama Kita (with Judy Ann Santos and Robin Padilla)... Another sikreto ni Beloy :-D
  • You have a very nice and pretty girlfriend na under ka, which I like para mawala kahanginan mo :-D
  • You have Ate, Pao, Bonet, Mama and Papa who miss you so much and Loves you dearly...

  • It's your birthday and we remembered!!! wala akong ginawan ng birthday blog kundi ikaw lang ;) ;) ;) ...and I was teary-eyed while writing this entry. Ingat ka dyan, ingat kayo ni Bobs. Always pray.. Miss na ni Ate ang kayabangan mo, balik na kayo dito..

Happy Birthday Butog!!!
We Love you!!!