Sunday, November 28, 2010

30 Day Bloggie Challenge Day 23

Who is Avee Balaag?
  1. A photo enthusiast & an amateur photographer
  2. Loves Eraserheads & Bob Marley
  3. Gets pissed off with jologs radio stations
  4. Hates songs that are remixed (yung usually pinapatugtog sa jeep at trike)
  5. Foodie
  6. Active member of the Iglesia ni Cristo
  7. Has a dog named Sacci
  8. Loves dogs, kids and weddings
  9. Has two Herbert screws implanted on her right foot
  10. Loves listening to 105.1 Crossover
  11. Knows how to play the piano
  12. Wants to try Bungee Jumping, Parasailing and Paragliding
  13. Outdoor-ish/Beach person
  14. Bakes cookies and brownies
  15. Birks and Flip Flop person

3 Thoughts:

yileen said...

I am inclined to ask how the Herbert screws got there in the first place...? :(

- A n g e l - said...

16. Bottomless pit. Wehehe!

Avee said...

@Angel: Bottomless pit!!! :P

@Yileen: Hi. Thanks for droppin' by. I just had a foot operation and the doctor has to implant 2 Herbert screws... Now I'm walking with a cane but still recovering :(