Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Bestie! (repost from Angel's Coffee Cup)

42 days from now, I'm gonna celebrate my 31st (that's right 31st) birthday... Since my 28th birthday, my bestfriend Angel didn't fail to compose a birthday write-up for me. It has been her tradition since then, and to remind her that she'll soon compose a write-up for me again, I'm reposting this entry. Hehe... ;)
Happy birthday, my sisterfriend! Here's to thirty beautiful years of life!Yesterday when I read your email about how you cried at the thought of becoming a thirty-year-old, I couldn't help but smile. Because what's there to cry about? Turning thirty is a milestone!It's kind of odd, because I've always secretly thought that real life starts once you hit your thirties. When I was little, 30 sounded so big. So mature. So adult. I couldn't wait to turn thirty and wear those nice heels and pretty pearls and go to the office and talk on the phone, and then go home at the end of the day to the hubby and the kids. I thought it was as simple as that.But you grow up and discover that life is much, much bigger than your six-year-old daydreams. Despite this nasty shocker, you still breeze through the happy, awkward, and sometimes painful stage of high school, and then fumble, learn and grow some more in college.And then you reach your twenties. In your twenties, you explore, and learn, and try, and fail, and try again. You deal with the consequences of your actions, or you do not. You run away or you own up to them. You break, you cry, you bleed, you hurt, you heal, and you wish you can go back to being a child again. Before you know it, you're pushing thirty. And then suddenly you begin wondering how you got here so fast. Consciously or unconsciously, you start to get everything sorted out and finally figure out what you want. For some, it happens sooner. For others, much, much later. Or not at all. Aren't you glad that you're on the right track, bestie? Your best years are still ahead of you! You are armed with the life in your years, and it can only get better. Believe that it will. :) I love you, bestie! Thank you for being the wonderful friend that you are. Thank you for being my other sister. Thank you for the love, the trust, the understanding, the patience, the support. Thank you for everything that makes our crazy and happy friendship work. I can't wait to spend the next decades of our crazy and happy lives together! Happy, happy birthday! :)

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- A n g e l - said...

Oh yeah, I wrote this! Woohoo 31! Wala pala akong birthday write up for Zhari! Lagot! :/

Am sure he'll understand. Am so busy taking care of Max!

Avee said...

@Angel: paktay ka... hehehe... pero sana naman ako gawan mo hehe :)