Friday, December 5, 2008

So what if I reposted this from Angel's? Malapit na birthday ko!

Avee Our Birthday Girl

Our bestie Avee celebrated her 29th birthday last Monday. We were texting Sunday night, counting down til the clock struck 12. She was at 19 East daw with her Tita so I stayed up a little later because I wanted to be the first people to greet her a happy birthday.

Some interesting Avee facts:

* She was my busmate kay Tita Terry and Mang Ytable.

* We used to pick on our other best friend in grade school, Angela Tripon. Bata pa lang maldita na talaga kami. I wonder where Angela is now?

* When we were younger, we both shared a passion for Romnick Sarmenta and Jennifer Sevilla. As in the poster-on-your-bedroom-wall kind of passion. Si Achie maka-Sharon and Gabby, si Ann maka-Jigo Garcia and Jean Garcia. Woohoo!

* Avee detested Kerokerokeroppi. I wonder why. =D

* But she was a big fan of espadrilles.

* Nagka-crush din sa kanya ang aming pinsang si Nokie nung debut ni Apple.

* She likes sampaloc candies.

* She almost dislocated her jaw while eating a Big Mac inside the bus.

* She can burn the telephone lines with no effort. Telebabad from sun up to sun down.

* And since paborito niya ang telepono, na-discover din niya ang 'mailbox' ng mga ADB employees na illegal naming ginagamit to leave ridiculous messages. Haha.

* She wanted to name her daughter Amethyst Julienne when we were in high school.

* Masipag si Avee sumipot sa mga dentist's appointments kaya siya ang may pinakamagandang ipin sa amin ngayon. Kaming tatlo naka-braces pa rin. Ay si Achie pala wala ng braces.

* Gamit na gamit ang kama at kuwarto ni Avee sa mga sleepovers ng YA.

* Avee has this unconscious habit of scratching/rubbing her nose when she tells a story.

* She's not a writer, but she wrote me a novel as a gift for my birthday.

* She loved "No More Guitars" so much, the story I wrote for her as a birthday gift.

* She called up my crushes for me to fish for info. Nakausap na niya si Lawrence Guevarra, si Cablitas, si Dodie, si Trillana (!), heck, even Jon!

* She loves having her picture taken. May signature smile yan na ginagaya ni Suzanne. Basta, nakakatawa si Suzanne.

* Sinamahan nya ko sa liblib na lugar sa Cubao para magsubmit ng article sa magazine. On the way home, we saw her crush from San Beda na si Patrick. Everytime we remember this moment, kilig na kilig ang lola mo at umpisa na ng trip down memory lane.

* Do you remember this guy named Tristan na textmate namin pareho ni Avee na mineet ng YA sa Robinson's Place Manila? Sa Auntie Anne's? Ang stupid, sa Robinson's Galleria pumunta. Haha.

* And do you remember that one summer night when YA watched Nightmare On Elm Street? Yung napatalon si Harry from one end of the sofa to the other end nung biglang lumabas yung dila ni Freddie sa mouthpiece ng telepono? Panalo!

* Mahirap yayain si Avee manood ng sine. I don't know why.

* She gave me free board and lodge when I was househunting last year. =D

* Avee introduced me to my sweetest downfall...Gah! Next!

* Nakakarating sa Marikina, sa Cainta at sa Fairview just for the man she loves.

* She is the biggest fan of my work! =D

* Yun nga lang she suffers from Last Minute Syndrome, yun bang magca-cancel at the last minute. Hee. =D

* She has very strong faith and is very active in her church.

* Migraine, asthma, anemia, dysmenorrhea.

* Kahit ngayon medyo she's out of circulation and missing in action, she will always be a constant in my life. =D

Happy birthday, bes!

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- A n g e l - said...

Gosh, almost a year ago! How fast time flies. Must edit the names mentioned in case maisipan nilang i-Google ang mga pangalan nila at lumitaw na naman ang blog ko. Wahaha.