Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I've been looking for this chocolate ever since I graduated from College. Why? Coz this is my favorite since the day I tasted it (elementary days) and supermarkets here in Manila don't sell it anymore... For reasons I don't know. Ang sarap sarap pa naman... Now, we can only buy Twix from Subic and I'm uber swerte 'coz one of the team leads here in the office went there and this was her pasalubong for me!!! Yey!!! I ate the chocolate with so much gusto!!! Talaga nga naman... For safety reasons, I checked the packaging first. Mahirap na mabiktima ng Melamine... hehehe... Safe naman sya kainin coz it's an original--as in from US pa sya. It was the same Twix I was eating during my school days... The chocolate coated cookie with caramel inside. It's like KitKat only it's more masarap.
Syempre, kailangan i-post ko to sa blog. Sayang nga lang coz I wasn't able to take a picture of myself while eating this. Sya na lang yung kinunan ko ng pic... hehehe... Obvious bang sobrang like ko ang chocolate na to?! =D

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