Friday, September 5, 2008

Monster Pizza for my Monster Team =)

It's our office's Sportsfest Opening Ceremony and almost half of my team is in the Basketball team. Meaning, I have to recruit a lot of agents again for overtime to cover for the hours that our staffing will be thin.
Good thing though, my friends (the Sr. CMAs; guy sa 3rd photo above, and yung girl in front sa 1st photo) planned not to watch the opening ceremony to support the agents who will go on OT.
Ayan... before going to Makati Coliseum, deadma na sa pagko-calls basta magpapa-picture sila.
And syempre, to recognize all those who rendered OT and who gave up watching the opening ceremony just to answer calls... I ordered a giant pizza from Jugno's for them.

This is our team while enjoying the pizza... Di pa lahat yan, may calls kasi yung iba and yung iba naman nahihiya (newbies kasi)...
Eto na yung team after eating... call volume has already subsided so, petiks na...

Black's our team color kaya kami naka-black...

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